Major League Bride
An Inside Look at Life Outside the Ballpark
Kathleen Lockwood


 Days after graduating as an English Major from Regis College in Weston, MA, I walked down the aisle of Holy Cross Church in Springfield, MA to marry Skip Lockwood and stepped into the world of Major League Baseball. My honeymoon was spent on a road trip to Tiger Stadium in Detroit and Cleveland’s Municipal Stadium where I received a totally different education provided by the major league baseball community as a Major League Baseball Bride.

I spent the next twelve years in the company of some exceptional women on six different teams all across the country as my husband was periodically traded, sold, sent down, brought up and finally released.

An eighteen year breast cancer survivor, I am the mother of 5.  Skip and I recently celebrated our 40th wedding anniversary.

During our magical carpet ride across the country I was privileged to share this wonderful experience with fellow wives and committed fans across the country.  I was selected as the Brewer's wife representative for the 1972 Parade Magazine's All Star Wife edition and was featured in Kathryn Parker's 1976 New York Mets Memoir, We Won Today (Doubleday & Co, 1977)
Recently I was a finalist in the "Alternate Ending"  to "One City, One Story"  contest at the Boston Bookfest.
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